Sunday, August 24, 2008

Freewheelin starts at 7:00am tomorrow

Be among the first to enjoy bicycle sharing in the United States in the beautiful city of Denver. One thousand brand-new bikes are available from seven stations across the city. Stop by any Freewheelin station in Downtown Denver between August 25 and August 28 to check out and ride a bicycle for free.

All that you need to register is a photo ID and a credit card for collateral (although you probably will behave responsibly and bring back your bike, not everyone does). Bikes are a quick, fun and healthy way to get around the city, and the Freewheelin bike sharing program is a simple way to give it a try.

A running tally at the Convention Center station will display the number of rides, total miles ridden, calories burned and carbon emissions saved.


Freewheelin said...


This is so great! I'm really glad to see you're so passionate about freewheelin! I noticed you have a bunch of great photos, are you a flickr user? If you are, I'd love to have you submit them to our group pool: You can also check out all our other stuff at Thank you for your continued coverage, you're an integral part of our effort to get to word on bikesharing out there!


Naimul Huq
Humana Innovation Center

Freewheelin said...

Hey, another note, just talked to my director about your work here, he really wants to meet up with you while you're in Denver so we can work together on this. If you're interested at all email me at Thanks!